To understand the deficit is to understand the lie

Witten by Del on 04/04/2013

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For many years now we had been frightened and sunk into deeper debt, depression and despair with scary words such as the deficit, fiscal cliffs and triple debt rescissions, but what do they all mean to you and me?

Well to fully understand you have to go back to the source of our money and where it really comes from. Many people believe money is printed by the Government to allow the people to trade and barter for goods and services. Sadly this is far from the truth, the truth is our money supply is printed and supplied by an independent private banking system.

Many years ago our country went bankrupt (and I believe still is listed as) this lead to a group of very wealthy bankers to create the Bank of England (yes notice the name is solely to dupe the people) so an agreement was made for this private banking cartel to produce and supply our countries money along with interest attached to the loan of money.

As with all loans a capitol is needed to be put up as collateral against the loan. So what could the Government put up alleviating any risks to the loan payments being made? Well the people of course, there are millions of us and we wilfully pay any taxes no matter how absurd they may be.

So to understand, we have a private company supplying our Government money at interest and the payment made back is by the peoples taxes. So where is the problem? Well the system has one purpose, to put the population in the chains of debt slavery for all of time. For every pound that is borrowed an interest is attached, so when it comes time to borrow more money to pay off some of the debt, we need to borrow more which again comes with interest.

To put it simply if we was to return every penny printed by this banking cartel, you would still be in mass debt because of the interest needs to be paid off. How do we do that? We are not meant to that is the point it is a self debt creating machine that can only get worse NEVER BETTER.

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