The freedom of speech is a right and not a privilege

Witten by Del on 04/04/2013

free speech

Hello to whomever may be reading this, this is my first post in what I hope to be many. I have decided to start writing these post to get the thoughts in my head out and in some form of a "thought diary".

Firstly a little about my background, I have always been a "free thinker" to me this means a person who has independent thoughts unguided and uninfluenced by any external force that may wish to influence and adjust the free thought patterns that we are all born with.
With every situation I look at everything related to that situation and determine my own views on just what is going on. Right off the bat I would like to state that this does not mean I am always right but in my head my views are and I stand by them.

I have always questioned the status quo of society and whether our "rulers" have our best interests at heart. I remember my first memory on this was when I was 8 years old looking up at my dad asking him who where the people behind the Government.

Since those early days I have had a tendency to question pretty much everything and over the years the truth seemed to be stranger than fiction.

I am a strong believer in fairness and equality for every living thing on this planet, I do not see race or belief systems, I see us all as one to which our bodies are the vessel that allows us to travel through life.

I am pretty sure there are people who disagree with what I say but like the title suggests these are all solely my views and are not intended to upset anyone.

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